Research found that exercise during pregnancies can help mothers feel better, give them energy, improves their mood and sense of well-being, eases discomforts such as backaches, constipation, bloating, swelling and fatigue.  Exercise can also prepare mothers for the rigors of labor and delivery, improves their sleep and helps them recover from childbirth more quickly.

Contrary to many beliefs, pregnant ladies are quite strong and capable physically.  Unless they have special health issues, women can carry on with their normal daily routines and are encouraged to move and keep fit in order to carry out a healthy pregnancy.  While most Viet physicians usually prescribe healthy pregnant ladies to become sedentary and bed rest, this often times is incorrect.  Moving around and keeping fit will help mothers experience a stress less and healthy gestation phase during pregnancy. 

Because it is very common to suffer backache and constipation during pregnancy,  light exercises specially meant for pregnant conditions help mothers relieve from the irritating backache and also ensure correct functioning of your bowel and intestine, relieving from that constant constipation problem.   In addition, there are certain exercises which ensure proper blood and oxygen flow to the uterus helping the fetus to get ample supply of blood, oxygen and nutrition.  Exercises also ensure a proper and relaxed sleep which is very necessary for you as well as your baby.

Keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy will ensure mothers an enjoyable journey for nine months!

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